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NAV Client Starter

NAV Client Starter

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NAV nowadays has many versions from 1.0 to 9.0, various types of client such as Native Client, SQL Client, Development Environment Client, Web Client… As a result, along with your growing business, you have numerous connections. The more customers you have, the more connections you manage. It is painful.


Our tool “NAV Client Starter” solves the pain that having many versions, types and numerous NAV connections. It helps to prevent converting NAV database to newer version mistake, and increases connection availability with multiple backup connections for end users. Finally, NAV Client Starter is Windows Application Starter that you can start any applications with parameters; open files/folders; surf websites. It is an alternative application for Windows Search and Windows Run dialog.


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Main features of NAV Client Starter:


  1. Solve the pain that having many Versions, Types and Numerous Connections.
  2. Save time by Check Server Port Capacity and User-defined Check Timeout.
  3. Quickly add Connections by Drag & Drop and Find Connections by Word Searching.
  4. Open any Applications such as Excel, Remote Desktop; Files, Folders or Websites.
  5. Increase Connection Availability by multiple backup connections in Autorun Mode.
  6. End Users are free from remembering connections information with Autorun Mode.




  • Apply per PC.
  • Yearly License Price: 20 USD.


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NAV Client Starter NAV Client Starter


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